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SG Elevator Services

SEAGROW SDN. BHD. is a company responsible for seeing that the work is performed in accordance with the safety policy. In fulfilling this responsibility, Seagrow Sdn Bhd shall take all practical steps to be sure that the work is performed with due regards for safety. To keep the lift operations safe, the following are SEAGROW , safety policies and principle job requirements of the company:-

Improve the safety and convenience of your elevator’s riders by replacing the older car and hall fixtures (buttons and indicators) that are easily vandalized or which the replacement parts of the original fixtures (buttons and indicator) already obsolete and difficult to obtain.

Technology designs, manufactures and install broad range of finishes for exclusive use in elevator interiors, ceiling doors and entrance frames.

By sharing our design team’s concepts and experience, working with architects and manufactures, we are willing to help you to incorporate the materials you have chosen to make your elevators truly one of a kind.


+6014 233 9352 
+6012 234 1796

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